Charlie Page Interview—Queenston Mining

Charlie Page - Queenston Mining

Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me and thank you for this opportunity to interview with you on behalf of the Python Newsletter. I know our readership would enjoy hearing & learning about a mining professional such as yourself.

Jordan: How long have you been involved with Queenston Mining?

Charlie: I started with Queenston in 1987 when two other Companies I was involved with at the time, HSK Minerals and Joutel Resources, purchased the control block and replaced management.

The recent announcement of a merger between Queenston and Vault Minerals will result in controlling the largest mineral holdings in the historic Kirkland Lake gold camp.

Jordan: What did you find most enjoyable, challenging within your work/time with Queenston?

Charlie: My passion as a geologist is in discovery through the drill bit. I always believed that through well thought out geological principals and models combined with a generous drilling budget will lead to discoveries in proven mining camps. Implementing this strategy was a struggle through the 1990’s and early 2000’s when the gold price and investment climate was low, however, things changed in the mid to late 2000’s and as a result Queenston has enjoyed a number of new discoveries in the camp. After going through a couple of metal cycles during my career, I have learned it is very difficult in trying to discover something new by drilling five or six holes a year. Exploration success in our industry is based on luck and a large exploration budget, I tend to think Queenston is blessed with both those attributes.

Jordan: Which key parts of your own personal educational or experience background do you believe served you the best working with Queenston?

Charlie: In terms of my background in this industry, I always chose to work with junior resource companies who had the mandate to find something quickly. This allowed me to think outside the box on many projects when a limited budget had to go along way. I carried this approach to Queenston who has been very successful in aggressively exploring the Kirkland Lake camp.

Jordan: If someone gave you complete control in all aspects of the company, what projects would you focus your attention on within the next 18 months?

Charlie: Right now our exploration efforts are exactly where our exploration team believes we have the best potential to expand existing resources and make new discoveries. These include the Upper Beaver and Upper Canada and on our AK project adjacent to the Macassa gold mine. With the addition of new properties through the Vault Minerals merger we are eagerly awaiting to get started on some new ideas there as well. With an exploration budget of $15 million to be spent this year on our Kirkland Lake properties we anticipate a very busy year.

Jordan: What do you consider your greatest strength and weaknesses as a mining professional?

Charlie: I find developing organizational strategy; implementing a team of key professionals and lots of perseverance as being my strengths. As a weakness I sometimes find it difficult to delegate tasks as I enjoy being directly involved in all aspects of the projects.

Jordan: Is there a particular person/company within the past or present mining world that you would enjoy being involved with.

Charlie: I have always admired Thayer Lindsey from Falconbridge. His early discoveries and the pioneering aspects of what he accomplished were very impressive. It would have been a very worthwhile experience to have been a junior geologist in his employ during that period.

Jordan: What do you consider your proudest accomplishment as a mining professional?

Charlie: I am most proud of the work I have accomplished with Queenston. We are recognized as a significant player in the Canadian junior mining industry and a proponent of looking in your backyard. I believe Queenston has developed a reputation within the industry of having the ability to identify, develop and capitalize on projects which it has identified and has methodically explored these in detail.

Jordan: What do you hope people take away from this interview and from your work and involvement in the mining industry?

Charlie: I hope people are able to get a sense of Queenston’s vision, perseverance and dedication to our primary asset located in Kirkland Lake. To be successful in our industry luck is always nice to have on your side but I believe that hard work and believing in a project’s potential is a surer way of accomplishing success.

Jordan: Fast forward to your retirement from the mining industry. How would you like to be remembered by your colleagues, your competitors and the general public?

Charlie: I hope I am remembered as an honest geologist who had the vision to establish a major land holding in one of Canada’s great gold camps, and whose perseverance and shareholder support has led to a success story.

Jordan: Which key thing would you like to see changed about the mining industry in Canada as a whole and more specifically in Queenston’s mining areas?

Charlie: I would like to see more education and public support for the mining industry in Canada. We need to gain public awareness of the positive attributes of our industry that has built, established and sustained many of the communities in the northern areas of Canada. I would like people to realize how mining has grown to become a greener industry than it once was. Canadians should be proud of Canada’s standing as a leader in the global mining industry, pioneering environmental concerns, and setting an example for health and safety in developing countries.

Jordan: Thank you for participating with us today in this interview. I know our readership will enjoy your input. Thank you for your time.

 Map of Queenston Mining Properties, Shafts and Orebodies in the Kirkland Lake Area