Sample Reference Projects

Python Mining Consultants has built a repository of experience in its staff through our work with a wide range of clients fulfilling a variety of needs. We Pride ourselves on maintaining a close relationship with our clients in order to assist them in moving forward after our work is complete, and we focus on packaging our  solutions that can be concisely explained and defended. The following is an extract from our Reference lists:

Armistice Resources Corporation:

  • Completed a scoping level mine design for Armistice’s McGarry Project near Kirkland, ON. The design was then implemented. Unit economics were developed from first principles and a cash flow analysis generated including IRR and NPV.

Aurcana Corporation:

  • Completed a scoping level mine design for Shafter Mine in Texas, USA.
  • Converted existing 2d mine plans (development and stoping) to a 3d mine model.

B2Gold Corporation:

  • Completed internal study for El Limon property North Nicaragua. Partnership with Schlumberger to troubleshoot geothermal (hot) water solution for lowest levels of he mine. Property is older established mine with numerous excavations to surface; making overall mine plan very intricate.

Barrick Gold Corporation:

  • Completed study on underground potential for North Mara Tanzania, Africa, active open pit operation while developing fully operational and independent underground mines. Generated cut-off grades for two separate mining areas and completed two complete and separate mine infrastructures complete with schedules and economics

Bema Gold Corporation:

  • Python was immediate lead and coordinated a group of engineers during for the Kupol Project Feasibility located in Siberia, Russia. All mine aspects from development and production design, scheduling, costing, ventilation, dewatering, and services were coordinated by the Python Team.

Crowflight Minerals Inc:

  • Complete scoping level analysis of production rate for Bucko Mine located Northern Manitoba. Generate a base case and created comparisons. Cut off grade analyzed on a sensitivity basis.
  • The 2009 Mine reserves completed and registered on SEDAR.

Denison Mines Corporation:

  • Reworked a previous mine design for Arizona1 mine located in Colorado, USA Denison was not completely satisfied with the concepts proposed in the initial design completed by another consulting group. After undertaking the project and re-designing all the development, The Python proposal was adopted by Denison who were very complimentary about the Python mine design and the accompanying scheduling results. Ongoing assistance has been provided to Redpath during the development phase.

Eldorado Gold Corporation:

  • Python created a mine design and schedule for a pre-feasibility report for Efemcukuru project in Izmir Province, Turkey. Development for the mining methods and entire mine were generated.
  • The mine was then scheduled using MineSched for primary waste development, secondary ore (silling and raising) development and production.

FNX Mining Company Inc:


  • Partnership with Dynatec during the rehabilitation of Levak Mine in Levak (Sudbury), Ontario.
  • A scoping study was completed on the Levak Footwall deposit which included mine design and scheduling.


  • On going work in partnership with Dynatec during the shaft sinking near Wanapitei Lake (Sudbury), Ontario and lateral development phases. Initial mine design and scheduling was completed.

Goldcorp Inc:

  • Python assisted Golder with the Opinica/Eleanore project (Northern Quebec near James Bay) pre-feasibility. The SRK scoping study mine design was updated with a unique design which minimized the impact on this Quebec Hydro area project. Surface and underground development was significantly reduced.

Hatch Ltd:

Ontario Power Generation

  • Python designed several repository options for low and intermediate nuclear waste near Tiverton, Ontario. Python introduced what we believe is a valuable innovation into the realm of repository projects. The concept is a shaft with a “ring” drift which centrally houses the main components and equipment for the function of the repository. The result was a minimal foot print and unrestricted development to maximize storage capacity. This design was selected and  approved by Ontario Power Generation.

Copper Cliff Deep:

  • Design work as part of a team at Vale’s Project Engineering Group. Designed main development infrastructure at pre-feasibility and feasibility levels for deep reserves at Copper Cliff Mine near Sudbury, Ontario.

HudBay Minerals Inc:

Balmat Mine

  • Python completed the mine design and scheduling for pre-feasibility study. Additionally, we provided onsite assistance in Northern New York State, USA during re-opening and initial development.

International Minerals Corporation:

  • Replaced original consulting group and provided improved mine design and updated scheduling for Rio Blanco in Peru.

Lake Shore Gold Corporation:

  • Python completed a timesheet Access database and month end reporting for Lakeshore Gold in Timmins, Ontario.

Manroc Development Inc:

  • As a contracting company, supplied structural design work including shaft bulkhead design and certification for ongoing shaft work, Alimak canopy arms, and other structural issues for Manroc a well known contracting company located in Manitowadge, Ontario.

Marathon PGM Corporation:

  • Updated mineral resource from 2008 study forGeordie Lake (near Marathon, Ontario) mineral resource, incorporated new drilling and posted mineral resource on SEDAR

Khan Resources Inc:

  • For Dornod project in Kazakhstan, Python completed a mine design and scheduling for a pre-feasibility level study by P&E Mine Consultants. Design was for a room and pillar method and used a primary mining level with a gravity fed track haulage level.

PMI Gold Corporation:

  • Mine design and scheduling for Kubi project in Ghana. The deposit is a narrow vein structure and was designed with shaft access and track levels.

Queenston Mining Inc:

  • Scoping study for Anoki (Kirkland Lake, Ontario) mine design, and scheduling as an update to the original INCO design and development.

ReMac Zinc Corporation:

  • Python completed a scoping level mine design and schedule for Remac mine in interior British Columbia. Numerous ore bodies were accessed with the design.

Roxmark Mines Ltd:

  • Nortoba project near Beardmore, Ontario was updated with a site survey, portal location selection, portal design, and mine design.

San Gold Corporation:

  • Python provided ongoing technical and consulting services to assist mine site to maintain planning at Rice Lake Mine in Bissett, Manitoba. Mine model updates, raise timber designs, and plans for issue to crews (development and production) were a few of the deliverables.
  • Completed preliminary resource for the Hinge Zone in 2008.

Silver Standard Resources Inc:

  • Prefeasibility mine design and schedule meeting 43-101 for the Pitarilla Project in the Sierra Madre mountain range near Durango, Mexico.

Watts Griffis and McOuat Ltd:

Al Masane

  • Pre-feasibility mine design and scheduling for a poly-metallic mine. Narrow and wide areas that were mined with a longhole method resulting in significant recovery increases relative to the earlier studies projections. Al Masane is owned by Al Kobra Mining Company (AMAK) and is located in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Western Silver Corporation:

  • A pre-feasibility mine design with VCR as the mining method for Peñasquito Project in Zacatecas State, central Mexico

Wolfden Resources Ltd:

  • High Lake - A pre-feasibility mine design and schedule.
  • Ulu - A pre-feasibility mine design and schedule.
  • Both High Lake and Ulu are located in Nunavut roughly 550kms NNE of Yellowknife, NWT.