Python Mining Consultants offers a comprehensive breadth of on-site and off-site consulting service. From inception of your project through to development and production scheduling, as well as costing, Python Mining Consultants can assist you in every aspect of your project.

Python is so confident in our abilities with our highly skilled and motivated staff we present an unprecedented offer of Guaranteed Solutions for your mining venture.

That is if Python Mining Consultants is not able to develop a clear profitable solution for your project, our work is FREE.*

Block Modeling:

Once python receives your drill hole information our skilled geological team will use one of our many software packages to develop a  proficient block model for a mining resources, we will roll in area and mining costs to develop cut-off grades, and deliver a minable reserve. At this point we begin selection of an optimized mining method.

Production Method:

Our skilled mine engineering team has vast experience in a comprehensive range of mining methods to develop an optimized solution for your property. Below are a few methods we have experience incorporating into our solutions:

  • Conventional Longhole
  • Narrow Vien Longhole
  • Traverse Longhole
  • Shrinkage and Advanced Shrinkage
  • Room and Pillar
  • Remnant Recovery
  • Cut and Fill (both mechanized and conventional)
  • Block Cave
  • Surface mining methods
  • Jet Boring System (JBS)

Mine Design:

Python will proceed in this phase of your project to model the production method, development layout and sequence the design with consideration to ventilation and water management.  We will optimize the production and development methods, optimize haulage methods and capacities, and highlight additional project specific components for review.

With Python Guaranteed Solutions we pride ourselves on developing profitable mining solutions for your mineable reserve. If you currently have a minable reserve which was not developed by Python Mining Consultants some review may be required to be eligible for the Python Guarantee.

Mine Scheduling - Production and Development:

Using the latest mining software packages coupled with Microsoft database tools we develop both production schedules and development schedules to determine mill requirements or shipping costs on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  We will detail your project timelines and targets and generate a visual representation of the schedule.

It is our policy to hand over all finished files created during the development of your solution and to archive your project for a term of 7 years from completion on our private internal servers; so we can provide onging support should you need to revisit the solution based on new information be it economic considerations or an expanded drilling program.

Financial Analysis:

Python Mining Consultants understands that the engineering of a project is designed not only for the engineering solution but also as a means of financially understanding the costs involved in execution, expected return and timeframe of that return. We use the latest software packages combined with spreadsheets analysis to develop internal rates of return (IRR) and Net present values (NPV) of projects at pre-determined interest rates so that you may confidently present your project to private investors, your board of directors or the public on the African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, South American or North American stock exchanges.

All of our work is done to the highest standard and we regularly complete 43-101 and JORC compliant reports for posting and public investment

Onsite Mine Engineering, Geology and Operational Support:

Python provides support to your Engineering, Geology and Operational activities for mines from exploration through to production.  We provide personnel, hardware, software, and other tools/safety equipment required.  We can also provide remote support for your site operations, in for example activities such as mine planning for development and production including longhole layouts to ensure your drill rigs keep drilling and producing.